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for ten years now, since 2001, Kiosque GmbH has been producing films, TV coverage and DVDs for companies, agencies, scientific institutes and television stations – helping our clients communicate their visions and ideas to the rest of the world.

We offer a full spectrum of services and a wide variety of film-related products.

We’ll put together the right team for you, with the right equipment for your individualized needs. To produce a good film, we are happy to cooperate with other companies, agencies and freelancers from the most varied fields.


Whether you’d like us to produce the film from start to finish, including the concept, filming, cutting and sound, or whether you need more individualized services:

Get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to consult with you and put together an individualized concept and quotation…

For details regarding our professional camera and cutting-room equipment, please see the German version of this website.


Personnel and/or equipment:

  • Complete camera crews with professional equipment
  • Cutting rooms with cutter
  • Voice recordings with a sound technician
  • Cutters
  • Camera crew
  • Editors
  • Directors
  • Project managers
  • Producers
  • Location managers
  • Sound assistants
  • Sound technicians


For ZDF (a German public television station) we operate the easyLINK, a mobile satellite broadcasting system, and provide the cutters, EB teams and technical equipment to go along with it.

Film concepts and ideas:

We develop concepts for your film, either independently or using your ideas, and take them as a basis for our cooperation with broadcasters and companies.

Full service agency:

We deliver a finished product – whether it’s a creative project, an Internet site, a visual report on a happening or conference, or any other kind of film. In addition, we offer media monitoring and documentation services.

Copywriting services:

We cooperate with copywriter Gunnar Schmitz of id text to conceptualize, produce and edit promotional texts.

Media coaching:

We coach individuals and groups in how to present themselves professionally on-camera.

Video-streaming broadcasting:

We cooperate with Code One  to provide broadcasting services with mobile video-streaming technology. This means that journalists, companies, and television professionals can take their live images on air quickly and easily, without advance planning – anywhere and anytime! This reduces the expense and effort involved in live broadcasting to an absolute minimum.